*No more lobby registration! (Kids will continue to check-in at the gym)

*Hand Sanitizing –  will continue in the lobby & Kids check in
*Seating – ushers will seat families together as they have been over the last few months 
*Balcony seating will be open for anyone who feels like they need space.

*Masks  are required as you enter/exit/move around the building but are optional once seated in the sanctuary
This is our way of being sensitive to othersWe highly recommend that high risk & unvaccinated people leave their masks on. 

*Altar Call – resumes with masks if being prayed for, and for Altar workers 
*Kids and Kid’s workers must mask (unless outdoors)

*Parents dropping off kids must mask

*Youth group and workers must mask (unless outdoors)
*Pre-Service prayer will resume in-person in the chapel on Sunday Mornings at 10:30am. 

*Wiggle Room reopens - this is a space for parents with kids who are fussy or need some space to wiggle during the service. 

*Sanctuary Restrooms reopen - the restrooms near the lobby are now re-opened.

*Online services will continue

*If you are not feeling well or have any of the typical COVID-19 symptoms

Please stay home - even if you are vaccinated!