What's Next?

Sunday service was great, 

but now what?

This section is designed to help you take the challenge from Sunday

into your daily lives and to help you live out your faith.  

Click this link every Monday morning for new content from the weekend. 

  • make it stick for kids!

    Click on the Link to find out what your kids learned in kids church this past Sunday and for discussion questions you can have at home or at the dinner table to help make the lesson STICK!

  • Sunday's Message

    Click here to Listen to the challenge from Sunday morning.

  • Read

    Set aside some time  this week to read and meditate on this scripture we discussed on Sunday. 

    Day 1 - James 1:26-27

    Day 2 - Psalm 68

    Day 3 - Matthew 19:13-15

    Day 4 - Philippians 3:12-16

  • Conversations at the Table

    or quiet time reflection

    We encourage you to use this section during your own quiet time, or around the dinner table.  Be open and honest with your family, and see God begin to work in your personal life, your family life, your workplace, and your neighborhood!   

    Missions Convention 2018

    1.  What are you challenged with through the last 2 missionary experiences that we heard from? 

    2.  What was the most challenging part of the Dahlstrom's talk on Sunday?
    3.  How will you respond to the great commission this month?  This year?  Your lifetime? 

    4.  Read James 1:26-27.
    5.  What do you learn from this passage?

    6.  How can you help/minister to the widow and orphan?  How often do you think about this and how can we take this more seriously?  

    7.  Our Small groups will be finishing Philippians chapter 3 through the month of November.   Take a moment to Read Philippians 3:12-16

    8. What did you learn from this passage?  What is your biggest take away?

    9. Read vs. 13 - What things in your past are keeping you from reaching lost people?  How can we "forget" the things that "lie behind?"

    10. What is the prize that we are striving for in v14? What are you doing to strive for the prize? 

    11. "As they pressed on toward the goal, they should not use their lack of complete knowledge as an excuse for taking lightly what they knew or for getting side tracked.  they need to continue to learn and grow, while at the same time govern their lives by the light they had already received" (Life Application Commentary). 


    • Pray about you 2019 Missions Faith Promise
      Pray about renewing your promise or giving more.  Help us keep our missionaries in the field!  
    • Remember no Small groups next week!  
    • Sign up for the GT Xmas Potluck by going to the church website (kids need to be registered)
  • My Decisions

    Take some time to wrestle through the questions above and pray about them this week. 

    I will be a part of what God is doing around the corner and around the world by PRAYING, GOING, AND GIVING. 

  • Pray

    Prayer points this week:
    • Pray about how you will support missions in 2019
  • the1027 Challenge

    • share your testimony with someone this month!
    • Have a meal with someone who doesn't look like you!
    • invite a family who doesn't look like you - to your home!
  • Worship

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    change as we create playlists

    of songs that we will be singing during our worship service, 

    or that deal with the current series.