What's Next?

Sunday service was great, 

but now what?

This section is designed to help you take the challenge from Sunday

into your daily lives and to help you live out your faith.  

Click this link every Monday morning for new content from the weekend. 

  • Sunday's Message

    Click here to Listen to the challenge from Sunday morning.

  • Read

    Set aside some time  this week to read
    and meditate on this scripture we discussed on Sunday:

    Day 1 - John 20:1-10

    Day 2 - John 20:11-18

    Day 3 - John 20:19-23

    Day 4 - John 20:24-29

  • Conversations at the Table

    or quiet time reflection

    We encourage you to use this section during your own quiet time, or around the dinner table.  Be open and honest with your family, and see God begin to work in your personal life, your family life, your workplace, and your neighborhood!   

    What if it's true?

    Thomas was absent the previous week when the disciples met Jesus.  He put himself in a position where he totally missed out on this incredible experience.  

    Are you in a position where you could be missing out on the presence of God because you choose NOT to fellowship with other believers? 

    Thomas did not want to live through the lives of his friends.  He wanted to have his own story, and finally when he sees Jesus, he gets his own story of encountering the resurrected Jesus. 

    Thomas finally had his own story.

    Are you living your faith life through someone else?

    Do you have your own story?  What's your story? 

    Jesus showed up on the scene even though the door was locked and the window was shut.  

    Has there ever been a time where you try to shut Jesus out of your life?  Your marriage? your family? 

    How did Jesus make His way in?  When did you recognize His presence?

    Thomas rejects his own criteria for believing in Jesus' resurrection.  Initially he wanted to see the nail scarred hands, and put his hand in the side of Jesus but at one glimpse of Jesus, everything changed.  He immediately surrendered to Jesus as "Lord and GOD. "
    Most of us need an encounter with Jesus.  

    Will you carve out time to seek an encounter? 

    Will you submit to His Lordship over your life? 

    What did you learn in this passage?
    What stood out to you?

    What is your biggest challenge from this section of scripture?

    How can we stay accountable to the ideas in this conversation?

  • My Decisions

    Take some time to wrestle through the questions above and pray about them this week. 

    I will carve out time this week

    to seek an encounter with Jesus!

    I Surrender my life to Jesus

    as "My Lord and My God!"

  • Pray

    Prayer points this week:
    • Pray for our neighborhood BBQ outreach (for the weather, for a great turnout, that we would meet people in the community, that lives would be changed)
    • Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our services and our events
    • Pray for an encounter with Jesus
  • the1027 Challenge

    Invite someone to a service (take them out to lunch after)

    Tell someone about your story.  

    why is your story so meaningful? 

  • Worship

    Click Here to Listen to some of our latest worship songs.

    Click here often because the link will

    change as we create playlists

    of songs that we will be singing during our worship service, 

    or that deal with the current series.