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This week's activity:

Feel free to color and design your own colorful coat!


Adventure Kids ages 6-11

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  • this week:

    This week we will be starting a new series, God is with us.  This series will bring us through the story of Joseph and show us how God was faithful throughout Joseph's life.. By learning about God through Joseph, we will learn that He is with us too, and His plans for us are greater than we can imagine. 

  • Relationships with God and Others

    As you sit together with your family huddled at home, feel free to follow this link and hear about this week's lesson. Our memory verse for this lesson series is Romans 8:28. The story of Joseph starts in Genesis chapter 37.

  • at bedtime:

    Joseph was loved by his father. What special gift did he receive from his dad in the story?

    In the story Joseph had 2 dreams, what were they about?

    Why were his brothers mad at Joseph, and what did they do to him?

    Joseph must have felt very alone by the end of this story, have you ever felt all alone?

    What did God do for you in that lonely place? Was He there to help you?

  • parent time:

    What you need to know:

    As we follow Joseph's story over the next several weeks we can be reminded that Joseph saw so much loss in his life. He was interrupted in so many situations and derailed from his own plans, yet God used Joseph in mighty ways. May this story encourage you during these trying times, that God will work everything out for your good, and the good of your family. 

    Our kids are watching us, in the good, and especially the bad moments. Are we exemplifying this truth, that God is faithful no matter what happens. Are we quick to give him praise on the mountaintops but resort to complaining in  the valleys? Let's declare today in our homes, that we will worship Him in the storm and that He is a good father despite the circumstances we find ourselves in.  Let's teach our children an attitude of praise, and nurture a faith that believes He has the best laid plans for our future!  

    Be encouraged today and each day moving forward the Lord is working everything out for your good! He is with us! Amen?!

       Better Together!    

           Miss Ashley

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