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Today is a little different! Click both video links for all age groups!

Print these activities to work on at home:

Coloring Sheet:


Letters to our Missionary friends:

Map Activity: Can you color today's mission spot on the map?



Adventure Kids ages 6-11

Enjoy this short clip... Today our kids in service are learning about Missionaries in INDIA!

Then go through the family discussion with your kids this week. 

  • This week:

    This week we will be doing a short lesson about missions! Join us...

  • Fight the good fight!

    As you sit together with your family huddled at home, feel free to follow this link and hear about this week's lesson. Our scripture passage for today is in John 4:1-26.

  • at bedtime:

    In this story who did Jesus encounter?

    Was this new friend from the same area as Jesus? Where was she from?

    What did Jesus ask the women at the well?

    Why was she surprised that Jesus talked to her?

    When Jesus talked about the living water what did he mean?

    What did the women do after she left Jesus?

  • parent time:

    This month we will talk all about Missions as a church body, and what better way than to introduce missions to our kids as well! When we read about the life of Jesus in the Bible we emphasize the last message he left with His disciples. That message was to go into all the world and share the gospel. Also that he would empower us with the Holy Spirit. His message was not that we would just enjoy his gift of salvation but share that gift with others. 

    This month let's talk to our kids about missionaries we know. Either the ones we learn about in service or ones we know personally. Maybe your family supports these missionaries directly, or you can think of creative ways to raise money for the missions causes at GTC. Either way, the most important thing we can do for our missionaries is pray for them as a family. Maybe write them a letter, or attach their picture to your fridge. Gather together and pray over these missionaries as a family, they need our support! I am excited to learn together this month, and explore those near and far who are spreading the good news!

       Better Together!    

           Miss Ashley

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