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Then take a look at our family discussion guide at the end. 


Belt of truth activity (younger kids):


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Adventure Kids ages 6-11

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Then go through the family discussion with your kids this week. 

  • this week:

    This week we will start our new series about the armor of God. In this world we do have an enemy, but we can take heart in knowing our God is bigger. God has given us tools we can suit up with that help us to stand firm, and fight anything that comes our way. Let's learn about how each tool works and how we can be empowered to stand firm in our faith. 

  • Fight the good fight!

    As you sit together with your family huddled at home, feel free to follow this link and hear about this week's lesson. Our scripture passage for this series is found in Ephesians 6:10-20.

  • at bedtime:

    In the video today what sport did pastor Steve take to the next level?

    In this sport what piece of clothing represented their skill level?

    When we looked at the image of the Roman soldier what did the belt do for him? How did it help him in battle?

    What does the belt in the armor of God represent?

    What is truth? and how do we know truth from lies? Where can we turn to find truth?

  • parent time:

    As we all know the enemy of this world is real, and as we look around at the world, we can see his deception and his tactics at work. We know from scripture he desires to steal, kill and destroy, and he does so in rather subtle ways. BUT we also know our God is bigger and His power can defeat any of the enemies plans. In our Christian walk, it is our response to be proactive against the enemy, and teach our kids to do the same. This is where the armor of God comes in. I encourage you during this series to jot down each piece of armor somewhere like on a mirror or fridge, and memorize each piece with your child. Doing so will remind your family of the tools that God has given us to fight the battle, and live out our faith with the power of the Holy Spirit. Our biggest hope for our children, is that they are empowered to stand firm and live a vibrant life as a Jesus follower. As they grow in their faith, one day they will be mature enough to spread the gospel to others. No better time to start laying down this faith foundation than now! Let's raise faith warriors who know their worth as a child of God and know how to live out their faith victoriously, I know our kids will do great things for the Lord, not just some day, but today! I cannot wait to see what the Lord does in and through their lives. What an honor to have a front row seat as we raise them in their faith! Our little spiritual warriors! 

       Better Together!    

           Miss Ashley

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