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Today is a little different! Click both video links for all age groups!

Print these activities to work on at home:

Would you rather game


See if you can find some rocks around your yard that you can paint as a memorial like Joshua. Can you paint an image of something that you are thankful for?


Adventure Kids ages 6-11

  • This week:

    This week we will be doing a short lesson about Gratitude! Join us...

  • Fight the good fight!

    As you sit together with your family huddled at home, feel free to follow this link and hear about this week's lesson. Our scripture passage for today is in Joshua 3 & 4.

  • at bedtime:

    What does this story tell us about being grateful?

    What specific instructions does God give Joshua to cross the river?

    What miracle happens at the Jordan?

    Why does God ask Joshua to construct a memorial of stones?

    How can we remember God's faithfulness in our lives?

  • parent time:

    This month we will talk all about Gratitude as we approach thanksgiving! As Christians we know that every good gift comes from above. It is our job as parents to continuously point our children to Him as our provider and the one who cares for every need we have. As we adjust our lenses of gratitude, we begin to see the good in every situation. By doing this we also recognize that whatever is happening around us good or bad, He is in control and He is caring for us. We do not have to worry because we trust Him with our lives and know He is working everything out for our good and His glory. 

    What an encouragement during these trying times. May we as parents model for our children what it looks like to lean on the everlasting arms of our Father. As we trust Him we pass on that same legacy of spiritual strength to our children. May we cast all our cares on Him and trust that He has got every situation in His hands. May we continue to Praise Him in the storms of life and thank Him regardless of what we face. He is good, He is with us! We offer Him endless praise for all He has done for us! 

       Better Together!    

           Miss Ashley

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  • 11:30am service

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